01 - Nursing the Devil
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A book that will make you ponder human nature” — Author George Mazzei

Aggie Sadowski is from a working-class enclave where dreams go to die—but not hers, even if she’s in danger of failing her final semester of nursing school and is responsible for rescuing her family’s home from foreclosure. One thing stands in her way of moving forward: her memory of being raped by attorney Bradan O’Dwyer last week. Years of conditioning from her verbally-abusive family makes her desperate to believe a sophisticated single father and philanthropist like O’Dwyer could not have possibly harmed her. To cement her denial, she befriends him.

When Aggie’s suppressed assault memories resurface, she embraces a therapeutic relationship with her teacher Grace Wendell, who happens to be a rape counselor. Through their interactive sessions, Grace suggests Aggie has fallen prey to a trauma bond—a dynamic where a victim forms an attachment to the attacker. To find herself again so she can fulfill her destiny as a healer, Aggie must first embrace the truth by identifying her enemy: Bradan O’Dwyer, the man she is falling in love with or Grace Wendell, the teacher who is trying to turn her against him.

Nursing the Devil channels the dark themes of Lolita as well as themes of salvation through a role model as featured in Good Will Hunting.

03 - Hellfire Garvey
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Some would say Duke “Hellfire” Garvey takes part in the Detroit drug and music scene of the early 1990s—others would say he is the Detroit drug and music scene of the early 1990s. He could pickpocket you while performing a set on stage as well as further manipulate you into buying the very drugs he has just stolen from you. Driven to lead his heavy metal band to the type kind of top that leads to the bottom, a nightmarish quarrel with a gangster and a lead singer poised for better stars forces Duke into a life-altering bender.
Then one day a demon found love in the form of an angel. Meet Nara Pembroke, a middle-aged homemaker and CEO of her own charitable organization. She views Duke as a gifted musician capable of bringing light into the world—provided the proper nurturing alters his course. The job starts out small: hire Duke to teach her daughter guitar lessons, become his musical patron, and… surprisingly explore her true self as well as her lost dreams.
Their relationship brings about liberation. Their relationship brings about a deeper understanding about each other. Their relationship brings about complete danger…

02 - Hellfire in Paradise
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He leaves prison after serving two decades for a crime he did not commit and all he has left is a dying liver and a lifetime of regret. Duke “Hellfire” Garvey may have once reigned supreme as the fire-breathing madman of the Detroit drug and blues scene, but now the emaciated grunt is left with one final endeavor: search for his estranged son. An investigation requires due diligence, and more importantly it requires money. Duke hangs up his hell-raising persona to clock in some honest work—until the wrong people piss him off and he ends up setting a car on fire.
With limited clues leading to his son’s whereabouts and a warrant out for his arrest, Duke hits the open road—and a highway robbery leaves him without money and transportation. Duke carries out his mission on foot and stumbles across a wounded Pug whom he nurses back to health. The two find shelter at Paradise Village—a tent city community. It is here where Duke Garvey must accept that he is homeless. Facing dwindling resources and a force of intolerant city dwellers working to force the citizens of Paradise Village out of the city, Duke has a choice to either walk way like usual or for once stand up and become the leader he was called to be.
Hellfire in Paradise tackles a silent epidemic of homelessness where hope and resilience nourishes the human spirit to transcend.